KIO FUSE Beta (4.90.0) Released

It’s a great pleasure to announce that KIOFuse finally has a Beta release available for testing! We encourage all who are interested to test and report any bugs or odd behaviour (and feature requests) to our bugzilla entry. You can find the repository here.

Simply run kdesrc-build kio-fuse or follow the README (although I’ve noticed a mistake, make install needs to be run after make). If your distributor is really nice they may already have kiofuse packaged but if they don’t, encourage them to do so!

Standalone, KIOFuse is cumbersome to use. Hence there is a patch (D23384) that integrates with KIO, allowing you to seamlessly use KIOFuse (if needed, instead of KIOExec) when browsing in Dolphin. Building and testing instructions can be found in the above patch.

Currently random-access (aka seeking) I/O is not in the Beta release, but is currently in review and once merged will significantly improve performance of reading/writing to large files. This is currently harder to test but if you’re eager to test it, it will require both compiling and installing both a patched version of KIO (D26148), and KIO-Extras (D26191), along with building a feature branch (!2) of KIOFuse. Note that this is only available for the file/smb/sftp slaves.

Meanwhile, fvogt and I will be working hard to get KIOFuse 5.0.0 out soon with even more improvements!

Merry Christmas 🙂


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