KIO FUSE 5.0.0 Released

It’s a pleasure to announce the first stable release of KIO FUSE, just in time for 2021.

Compared to the last release candidate, the following changed:

  • Symlinks with an absolute target path are “rewritten” to point to the location inside the target instead of the host system
  • Mounting a URL which includes symlinks now works.
  • The DBus service can use systemd activation now.

Known issues:

Hopefully distro packagers will be quick to pick up this release. If you wish to test with your own compiled version, or wish to contribute a patch please check out our README.

Please file bug reports here.

If you’re eligible for Google Summer of Code, please contact us if you’d like to take up a project developing on KIO FUSE. Some ideas (of which you can suggest your own) and contact details can be found here.




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