KIO FUSE Beta (4.95.0) Released

It’s a great pleasure to announce that KIO FUSE has a second Beta release available for testing! We encourage all who are interested to test and report their findings (good or bad) here. Note that, the more people who test (and let us know that they’ve tested), the quicker we’ll be confident to have a 5.0.0 release. You can find the repository here.

To compile KIO FUSE, simply run kdesrc-build kio-fuse or follow the README. If your distributor is really nice they may already have KIO FUSE packaged but if they don’t, encourage them to do so!

In this beta, the hallmark features implemented are the ability to read and write without downloading the whole file (smb/sftp/file protocols only) and expiring local nodes so that changes on the remote side become visible. In addition, a new Dbus API was added to map a FUSE path back to a remote URL, used for syncing the terminal panel in Dolphin the main view (needs Dolphin >= 20.07.80).



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